About Us

What We Do


With the help of our Team members which consist of law enforcement agencies from the State, County,and Municipal levels a long with Drug and Alcohol treatment facilities. Our goal is to STOP underage drinking and the harmful affects it has on our young people and our communities.  We do this through Education, Training, and Enforcement.  

Why We Do It


Underage drinking is linked to more than 5,000 teen deaths each year.  These are from a combination of traffic fatalities, suicides, alcohol poisoning, and homicides.  More than 190,000 teens visit E.R.s with alcohol related injuries annually. 

How We Do It


We start with education.  We conduct dozens of speaking/training events each year. We target area schools and civic groups and discuss topics from binge drinking and drinking & driving to seat belt usage and road safety. We offer training for alcohol retailers to train their staff on the laws and how to properly check someones ID. Enforcement is our last effort.  Writing tickets and summons to appear in court before a judge is our final option.  

Our Enforcement Area


Aiken County

The largest of the 3 counties.  Aiken County has over 168,000 residents spread out over 1,081 sq miles.  Aiken County has more than 270 retailers that sell alcohol either on or off their premises.   Aiken County has approximately 13,000 young people between 15-20 years of age.  This accounts for about 8% of Aiken County total population.  Please visit our statistics page for more information.


Barnwell County

Barnwell County has a population of approximately 22,000 residents spread across 557 sq miles.  It has over 40 retailers that sell alcohol either on or off their premises.  About 9% of Barnwell County population is between 15-20 years of age or 2,000 young people.   


Bamberg County

Bamberg County resident population of over 15,000 people are spread across 396 sq miles.  There are over 30 retailers located in Bamberg County that sell alcohol either on or off their premises.  Young people 15-20 years of age account for almost 9% of the total population or about 1,300 persons.

Team Members

Steve Ryan

 AET Program Coordinator

Law Enforcement Team Member of the Quarter

Health Serivces Team Member of the Quarter